My Comedy Hero: Rob Auton on Ivor Cutler

My Comedy Hero: Rob Auton on Ivor Cutler

Bang Said The Gun

The York-born stand-up picks the influential Scottish poet and songwriter as his comic icon

Flies. Crumbs. Pictures hanging on walls. Soldiers. Mothers. Kettles. Accountants. Rocks. Sport. Ivor Cutler makes me think about what is in life. The big, the small and the medium. There are a lot of people who have not changed the way I look at a bee; there is one who has and it is Ivor Cutler. He throws images at me from his books and albums, hitting my brain in places that other people (including me) can't get anywhere near.

The reason I am writing about him as a comedy hero is because he makes me laugh and then swear directly after due to the fact that I find it difficult to believe what he has come up with. I see him reading a piece about money and the next time I have money in my hand I am laughing because of what he said about money. His work has made me less afraid of important looking people, yet it has also forced me to attempt to have more compassion for anything that is lucky enough to be alive.

As a reader, watcher or listener of Ivor Cutler, I find there's room to go off exploring what he means on your own. To take from it what you need. I can sit and watch his stuff without feelings of 'it's supposed to be funny, make me laugh'. It is just him: his heart and brain coming together to create a unique view of the world that wouldn't exist if he hadn't been around.

Rob Auton: The Sleep Show is on tour until Fri 26 May. His spoken word night Bang Said The Gun from Sun 12 Mar to Fri 28 Jul.

Bang Said The Gun

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Rob Auton: The Sleep Show

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A show about sleep from the York-born stand-up.

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