Calum Best doesn't think he'll settle down

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  • 2 February 2017
Calum Best

Calum Best

Calum Best doesn't think he'll find someone he wants to settle down with

Calum Best doesn't think he'll ever settle down.

The 35-year-old lothario is desperate to find love and share his life with someone, but can't understand why something always holds him back and stops him from committing to a partner.

Speaking in the forthcoming episode of 'In Therapy', he said: "I've been single my whole life. I look at a situation and I think I can't commit.

"I've got so much I want to share with somebody. What is stopping me?"

And the 'Celebrity Big Brother' hunk admitted he struggled growing up with alcoholic father George Best and built a "horrible reputation" for himself when he sought solace in drink, drugs and casual sex when the footballing legend passed away in 2005.

He said: "I've had to listen to what a legend my father was, but I have a different experience that was s**t.

"I was a young lad desperate for emotion and he would never give it back.

"There was a time in life right after I lost my old man from 24 to 27 when I drank a lot and I tried drugs. I slept around and I built a horrible reputation for myself."

Before entering the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, Calum was dating Lindsey Pelas and the model recently admitted they are in a "weird situation" and she wouldn't have minded if he had got with someone else on the show if it had helped him to win.

She said: "We say that we're dating but it's a weird situation because of the show. He can't be in a full-time committed relationship and I get that, but also I"m not dating anyone else because I don't think he'd like that. I'd say we're unfinished."

However, his tactics didn't go according to plan as he was given the boot from the infamous abode in Tuesday (31.01.17) night's show after he failed to pull in enough public votes.

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