Amanda Redman's husband will divorce her if she has boob reduction

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  • 1 February 2017
Amanda Redman

Amanda Redman

Amanda Redman would like to have her boobs reduced but her husband has threatened to divorce her if she does

Amanda Redman's husband will "divorce" her if she has a breast reduction.

The 59-year-old actress - who is married to Damien Schnabel and has daughter Emily, 29, from her marriage to Robert Glenister - is keen to go under the knife and have her assets reduced, much to the disappointment of her spouse, and she's also open to having other work done if she started to feel "depressed" by the effects of aging.

She told Woman magazine: "I want a boob job but my husband says he'd divorce me.

"They're too big and they got bigger during the menopause, but my husband is happy with them. When it comes to plastic surgery, I say, 'Whatever floats your boat.' Never say never about anything. I do see people who go over the top - it's like anything, it needs to be done in moderation.

"If I got to the point where looking in the mirror depressed me, which happened to one of my friends, then I think, 'Yeah, why not?' "

The 'Good Karma Hospital' actress admits she isn't happy about getting older and thinks those who claim to embrace the aging process are "lying".

She explained: "Anyone who says, 'I love getting older' is lying.

"It's a PC thing that people say but what's to like?

"You start losing people you love, you get aches and pains and if you're an actress you stop getting the roles you used to."

And Amanda wishes there were parts of her life she could live again in order to correct her past mistakes.

She said: "I live each day for today but the truth is I wish I could go back and do it all again - there are some things I'd do differently."

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