Various artists – Doing It In Lagos (4 stars)

Various artists – Doing It In Lagos

A compilation of rare disco/pop gems from Nigeria

This joyous collection of boogie, pop and disco from 1980s Nigeria is a party essential. Most tracks follow American trends, with Oby Onyioha's elegantly hedonistic 'Enjoy Your Life' recalling Diana Ross's collaboration with Chic. The talking drum breakdown on Odion Iruoje's Afrocentric disco-rap gem 'Identify With Your Root' takes things back to the Motherland, a process reflected in the fidgety highlife guitars of Livy Ekemezie's 'Holiday Action'. Then there are the genuine oddities like the demented prog-disco of Willy Roy's 'Don't Give Up', and Rick Asick's 'Too Hot', with its gleefully silly calls to 'get some ice!'

Out now on Soundway.

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