What is the Green Arts Initiative?

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  • 1 February 2017
What is the Green Arts Initiative?

Join the sustainability network for Scottish cultural organisations

The Green Arts Initiative is a community network of over 170 cultural organisations in Scotland (including The List, the Usher Hall, the CCA, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe) committed to reducing their environmental impact. Supported by Creative Carbon Scotland, members are spread across the country, and range from large-scale producing theatres to independent art galleries, working on everything from carbon emissions reduction to creating Green Teams from within their staff.

Arts and cultural events are occasions when people come together to have their lives reflected back to them, through stories, ideas, images and debates. Climate change and our responses to it are of increasing importance in our lives. To be part of the shift to a sustainable Scotland, to stay relevant to our audiences, and to promote sustainable change to those we work with, we must make sustainability an essential part of the way we operate.

As a member of the Green Arts Initiative, you'll reduce your energy, waste and travel bills and have the opportunity to showcase your green work. But most importantly, you'll be a member of a leading initiative as part of a local, national and global shift to being green.

Membership is free – all you have to do to join is to complete this form with some contact details for a nominated in-house Green Champion.

Green Arts Initiative members get a range of free resources and support services to help them monitor and manage their environmental impact:

  • Invitations to member events for the Green Arts community – including an annual conference for sharing sector best-practice in sustainability
  • Tailored recommendations for how your organisation can improve its green work
  • Contact time via phone and email to answer your queries and research problems
  • Access to Creative Carbon Scotland's bank of downloadable guides and resources
  • A supply of Green Arts Initiative printed and digital branding, to highlight your membership of this nationwide network

Find out more and become a member at greenartsinitiative.co.uk