Josie Gibson is hurt on The Jump

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  • 1 February 2017
Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson has already injured herself training for 'The Jump'

Josie Gibson has sprained her knee and hit her head while training for 'The Jump'.

The former 'Big Brother' winner is taking part in the tough celebrity winter sports contest - which famously saw seven competitors withdraw due to injury last year - and is already finding the preparations tough.

She said: "I'm a non-skier so I was always going to have a few wobbles.

"I sprained my knee if the two-week indoor training course. That fall wasn't even off the jump, it was the slope of the jump. Then I hit my head."

And Josie has been left so exhausted by the training, she hasn't even managed to find the energy to wash her hair.

She admitted: "It's very intense. I didn't wash my hair for a week because I didn't have time."

The 32-year-old star is terrified of the famous ski jump on the show as she admits it is much bigger than she'd expected.

She said: "It's so terrifying. I thought they make everything look bigger on TV but no, it's about 10 times bigger in real life. It's like a block of flats."

Josie has previously battled with her fluctuating size, and thought doing the show would see her shed the pounds, but she's gained weight because she can't stop eating.

She told heat magazine: "I've been eating so much. I thought I'd lose weight but I've put it on. I can't believe it. Out here they eat a lot of bread and pasta and it's so cold so all you want to do is eat. I've got to get back in the gym and do my HIIT training - that and eating green and clean is the only thing that keeps the weight off. I've got to stop eating crap. I'm just being a greedy pig."

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