Lauren Goodger's concerned boyfriend

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  • 31 January 2017
Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger's boyfriend is keeping her on the straight and narrow because he questions her about her weight all the time

Lauren Goodger's boyfriend asks her what she weighs every time he sees her.

The 'Only Way is Essex' beauty is on a mission to lose weight and thinks her jailbird boyfriend Joey Morrison, who she's been dating since the end of last year, is helping her stay on the straight and narrow because he's so hot on her diet and exercise.

Writing in her column for new! magazine, she said: "I admitted last week that Joey encourages me with my diet and training. I constantly moan about my weight when we're together and probably drive him insane but he keeps me motivated. He trains a lot, eats really healthily and doesn't smoke. He loves a good body and we're always talking about fitness. I joked that if I was in prison I'd look amazing. He's done a PT [personal training] course in there so he thinks he knows all about fitness. But when he tells me what to eat and I say: 'Well, actually when I did my DVD...' and we end up bickering because he's like: 'Your bloody DVD!'.

"If he was with me now, he'd have me locked in a room with a treadmill and would feed me water and bloody veg! He'd get me in the best shape and I'd love that. I need someone like him. I haven't had that in past relationships, so to have him say: 'So what do you weight today?' helps me. He notices changes in my body. The other day he said: 'Cor you look good today. When I saw you the other day you looked bloated.' "

As well as eating right and following a gruelling workout regime, the 30-year-old beauty has also signed up to a weight loss course at South Woodford Hypnoxi.

She explained: "I've just started a weight loss course at South Woodford Hypnoxi. You have to wear this heavy, spacesuit-type thing when you're exercising and it compresses your body so you burn more fat. You're meant to see quicker results than just going to the gym. normally and it's also good for your circulation, toning and reducing cellulite."

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