Bebe Rexha wants 'sexy' David Beckham in music video

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  • 30 January 2017
Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha has a cunning plan to get more hits on her music videos by getting someone "sexy" like David Beckham to star in one of them

Bebe Rexha has hatched a plan to become a global superstar - by getting "sexy" soccer ace David Beckham to star in one of her music videos.

The 27-year-old pop beauty has admitted she wasn't impressed with the amount of views the music video for her latest single 'I Got You' received, despite reaching over 15 million hits, and has confessed that she thinks her next video needs to feature someone hot like the 41-year-old retired sports star.

She shared: "I was shocked, I was like: 'OK let's put this video out, what ever blah blah blah, hopefully it gets one million views this week' and then it had 100,000 views in one hour!

"I knew it was good but I didn't love it so I was shocked.

"It was missing like a sexy guy, like David Beckham!"

Meanwhile, the 'No Broken Hearts' hitmaker has revealed she won't be spending Valentine's Day (14.02.17) with a special companion this year and she thinks it is because she is "bitch".

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "I don't have a Valentine. I will date anybody that gives me their time, and actually answers my texts, honestly no guys answer my texts, I swear to God.

"I think it's because I'm such a bitch, I really am.

"Now I'm in a position where I feel I know what I want, I respect myself and I won't let a guy run me around."

And while she insists she just wants a guy who replies to her messages, they'd need to be loaded and tall.

She quipped: "I just want someone to love me, be nice to me, have a big bank account and be six foot eight."

Bebe releases her debut album 'All Your Fault' on February 17, and previously said the release feels as though she's "giving birth" to her first child and she is wary of people's reactions to the songs because the lyrics are "extremely personal".

She said: "I have put absolutely everything into my album. I feel like it's been such a long journey to get here it is like giving birth to my first child and I want to make sure I did everything right. It's extremely personal, I did not hold back, I talk about everything from ex-boyfriends to friends, and growing up in LA. I'm very insecure and I tend to hold things close to my heart, the album is purely about me and my experiences so that's a huge thing. I do believe in myself it's just that everyone will judge me on this and that's hard, I've not played it to many people, I tend not to want to show it off before it's out. I just really want to make sure it's the best I can possibly do."

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