Stephanie Davis names baby boy Caben-Albi

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  • 30 January 2017
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis has chosen to name her baby son Caben-Albi George

Stephanie Davis has named her baby son Caben-Albi George.

The 23-year-old actress welcomed her little bundle of joy into the world on January 13 following a pregnancy plagued with hospital dashes, a war of words with her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell and acute morning sickness, but she now feels content with her beautiful boy and has picked out the perfect moniker for him.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she explained: "It actually came to me a few months ago when I was in Tenerife with my mum. It's not actually a name I'd heard before but it popped into my head and it stuck there. I wanted to give him an unusual name but I also wanted him to be called Albi after my granddad, so I decided to combine the tow. Caben-Albi is his name but I've mainly just been calling him Caben. I felt dead nervous going in to register his name with my mum and a few friends, though!"

The brunette beauty spent three days in hospital before she eventually gave birth and, although doctors were unsure whether she'd need to have an emergency caesarean section, she managed to get by on an epidural and filmed the whole thing.

She added to the publication: "I really wanted to document it so I could watch it back whenever I wanted. I've already watched it a few times. Giving birth was the best thing I've ever done, If I could do it all over again today I would!"

Stephanie and her new addition were then forced to spend another four days under the watchful eye of doctors because Caben developed an infected scratch on his head.

She said: "We were in there for another four days because Caben had to be taken to a special care unit. When he was born we noticed a scratch on his head, which had become red and swollen, so the midwife called the doctor to check him out. The doctor was worried he might have an infection, so they put a cannula in his arm to give him some antibiotics. Over the next two days his infection levels were still high, so they had to admit him to the neonatal unit to keep a closer eye on him. We're still not sure how he got the scratch, but he's fine now, thankfully."

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