Lisa Snowdon engaged

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  • 29 January 2017
Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon is engaged to her partner George Smart, who proposed over Christmas

Lisa Snowdon is engaged.

The 45-year-old TV presenter and model - who previously dated George Clooney - is set to tie the knot after her 37-year-old partner of 14 months, George Smart, popped the question over Christmas.

She told Fabulous magazine: "George proposed on the Saturday before Christmas and it was such a lovely surprise - I had absolutely no idea he was going to do it!

"He did it at home - it was just us, it was really low-key and completely unexpected.

"He chose the most beautiful diamond ring, which I love, and amazingly it fits me perfectly! It was such a great way to start the New Year.

"I feel very content about everything and I'm in a good place," she smiles.

"George is a really lovely man. He's selfless, honest, kind, wise, calm and thoughtful. The list is endless. I'm very lucky!"

Lisa and George actually dated eight years ago when they met at MTV but split due to their age difference.

However, once they reconnected the pair knew that they were meant to be.

She said: "George was a lovely chap, but there was an age difference and it seemed much bigger back then. We both went off and made whatever mistakes we needed to make. A mutual friend was working with him and George mentioned my name. She got on the phone and said: 'You have to go out with this guy.' I just knew it was George. He called me and I'd forgotten he was northern! We both had big smiles on our faces walking towards each other for our date. It felt very familiar."

And the couple have decided not to have children.

Lisa explained: "I'm in my 40s so it's something that has to be discussed. If you know you're going to be with that person then you shouldn't be afraid to bring those subjects up. You have to be like: 'This is the deal. Are you bothered about kids? No? Nor am I. OK, but do you want to try?' George said no. [Instead we can] put all our energy and time into each other and travelling the world."

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