Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Eilidh MacAskill

Ukulele star, co-director of Fish & Game theatre company

When I’m performing it’s hard to get time for a proper dinner so I’ll usually have a bag of pistachios, a smoothie, maybe a nice nutty pie, little things to keep me going. I try to avoid cheese as it makes me phlegmy, but if I don’t have a performance coming up or I’ve drunk too much, you might find me face down in a wedge of Danish Blue. After a gig I like to drink lots of water and Schoefferhofer Hefeweizen.

I’d love to say my signature dish was Otter Pie (the theatre show I’m taking on tour), but it’s really Eggs Florentine without the hollandaise sauce; basically spinach and egg on toast. Otherwise, I make quite boring things at home, but my partner is a food writer, so sometimes she lets me be her date for a tasty free meal. My favourite snack is a Jordan Valley vegan chocolate flapjack; very filling, but also a bit greasy and sweet, and you can’t always find them. All meals are vital, though; it’s a MacAskill family trait to get very grumpy if you don’t eat at regular intervals.

Eilidh’s Daily Ukulele Ceilidh appears at the Scotland United! Benefit Gig (Proceeds to Refugee Survival Trust [Destitution Fund] and Scottish Detainee Visitors), The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 12 Jun, 7pm.

Scotland United

Ankur Productions unites an international team of performers from Scotland to provide a mix of music, dance and comedy in collaboration with the Scottish Refugee Council. Featuring music from Moishe's Bagel, Mungo's Hi-Fi, Sushil Dade (aka Futurepilot AKA), Zuba Bassa Beat and Senzala Capoeira. 'Part of Refugee Week'.

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