Kieron Richardson and partner having baby girl and boy twins

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  • 28 January 2017
Kieron Richardson

Kieron Richardson

Kieron Richardson has revealed the sex of his unborn twins, and is thrilled to be expecting a boy and girl with his husband Carl Hyland, through a surrogate

Kieron Richardson is to become a father to a baby girl and boy.

The 'Hollyoaks' star is expecting twins with his husband Carl Hyland - who he married last year - via a surrogate and he has now shared the sex of the little ones and is thrilled that they get to pick out both blue and pink outfits.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he shared: "We wanted to wait and see whether we needed to buy pink or blue, but now we know we can buy both colours, as we're having our very own Prince and Princess.

"I"ve had the best training ever with little Leah and Lucas, although we won't be calling the twins Lea an dLuca - that would be weird."

The 31-year-old actor took to Instagram over Christmas to reveal that they will become the proud parents of not one but two children when their surrogate gives birth later this year.

The couple shared the news in an adorable festive-themed video, which showed two "Baby on board" signs hung up on a Christmas tree, before revealing Kieron and Carl sat on the floor opening a present.

When they removed the wrapping, the gift was a large piece of card which read: "Twins coming 2017"

The caption on the video read: "Merry christmas to us thanks to the British surrogacy centre (sic)"

In September, Kieron revealed that the pair had been struggling to conceive a baby through in vitro fertilisation (IVF), and were concerned they weren't going to ever have a family of their own.

He said: "We were hoping to have a baby this year. Unfortunately, like anyone who is trying for a baby through IVF - whether they are gay couples or not - it is a lottery.

"The statistics when we first started it were a 70% success rate. We have tried it four times, with the same surrogate mum, and we have fallen into that 30% bracket of it not working.

"But we have not given up the fight and are still continuing. We are going to keep trying until it is successful."

The joyous news came a year-and-a-half after they tied the knot in front of Kieron's co-stars at Buxton Dome in the Peak District.

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