Robson Green feared he put James Norton in hospital after prank

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  • 27 January 2017
Robson Green

Robson Green

Robson Green feared James Norton would be hospitalised after he pranked his co-star by throwing water over him, which led him to slip into a nearby lake

Robson Green feared James Norton would be hospitalised after prank.

The 52-year-old actor - who has been cast in the role of Detective Inspector Geordie Keating in the popular drama 'Grantchester' - has admitted he feared he had caused some serious damage to his co-star, who plays Reverend Sidney Chambers in the series, after he poured a bucket of cold water over him and James fell into a lake.

Speaking about the gag, which took place when the pair were shooting the second series, to the Daily Express newspaper, he said: "No, that wasn't a prank. That wasn't meant to happen. I s**t myself. Seriously, I thought I put one of the most up and coming, exciting, charismatic actors in f*****g hospital. I thought it would be funny to throw a bucket of water over him and he fell over the edge and just disappeared.

"I thought, 'Oh my God, he's gone, he's done.'"

And the star has admitted he was "reprimanded" severely by the programme's producers and executives.

Speaking about his punishment, he said: "The horror of the telling off I got from the execs and producers - I was reprimanded."

Meanwhile, Robson has teased he and James will jet off to Italy to film series three of the detective drama after basing the show in London and Cambridgeshire, and he believes the change of location will "work well" for their blossoming romance.

Speaking previously about a follow-up, he said: "There is talk of going abroad. If series two does the figures, we're off in series three. We'll probably go to Italy. I reckon we'll be based in Tuscany or Lucca. I think it works well for the pair's relationship to take them out of Grantchester."