Cat Marnell – How to Murder Your Life (4 stars)

Cat Marnell – How to Murder Your Life

Fascinating manual for self-destruction

For someone that has managed to land what many would consider dream opportunities, Cat Marnell sure knows how to screw things up. This is the main takeaway from How to Murder Your Life, a memoir that traces the journey of a decade-long downward spiral through a timeline of prescription medication, hard drugs, less-than-stellar boyfriends and intense partying.

Marnell's account of life as an addict while working her way up through Condé Nast is rough yet strangely captivating, with each chapter exhibiting a fierce honesty akin to Wurtzel's Prozac Nation. Despite her candid narrative, an abundance of white privilege dominates much of the memoir, initially materialising as a result of her wealthy upbringing. But her consistently self-deprecating acknowledgement of this is amusing, preventing her colloquialisms and anecdotes from verging on insufferable.

With Marnell having been given every label from 'NYC's hottest mess' to 'a hot Bukowski', HTMYL is a response to the seemingly widespread fascination with dysfunction. The memoir allows Marnell to retrospectively divulge her own challenging and intricate tale, while laying bare the horrors of addiction.

How to Murder Your Life is published by Ebury Press on Thu 2 Feb.

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