Bradley Walsh says The Chase is 'sensational format'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 January 2017
Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh is so proud of how successful his game show 'The Chase' is

Bradley Walsh thinks 'The Chase' is a "sensational format."

The game show has been slammed with "fix" allegations over the past few months after one of the masterminds broke the rules on screen but the 56-year-old host is adamant the programme isn't staged and allows him to mess around with the contestants.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the National Television Awards, held at London's O2 Arena, on Wednesday (25.01.17), he said: "It goes from strength to strength. It's a fantastic achievement. It's all down to the production team, 1200 shows now, what's that 4800 people coming through. If someone was telling me at ITV, it hasn't reached its full potential yet, so that's quite frightening.

"Who knows, we could be on at the turn of the next century. It's the actual fun of doing it, and I get to play along 'The Chase', which is great, the beauty of it is I never see the questions, so the beauty of it is sometimes I know it, most the time I don't, and then we have a bit of banter. It's a lot of fun. It's a sensational format."

As well as working on the game show, Bradley is also keen to make another album following the success of his debut LP 'Chasing Dreams' last year.

He said with a giggle: What am I up to next? Well I'm going to the moon on Thursday, and then I'm training to ride naked, bare back across the African planes for charity. I've got a cycle ride from Paris to Moscow without a saddle, then when I'm done I'll make another album, and I'm swinging, well maybe I am swinging, but I'm also swimming the Atlantic ocean, twice. We're working on the next album now so that's thrilling."

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