Holly Willoughby used Rochelle Humes' shoes for NTAs

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  • 26 January 2017
Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby at the National Television Awards

Holly Willoughby had to borrow Rochelle Humes' shoes at the last minute because she had forgotten her heels for the National Television Awards

Holly Willoughby had to borrow Rochelle Humes' shoes for the National Television Awards.

The 'This Morning' presenter was left in a fluster last night (25.01.17) when she realised she had forgotten her killer heels for the glamorous event, held at London's O2 Arena, and had to try and track someone down in a nearby hotel that could lend her a pair of stilettos at the last minute.

Speaking on the breakfast show on Thursday (26.01.17), she said: "My stylist who helps me get dressed, was like, 'Where's your shoes?' I was like, 'Yeah, right, you've got the shoes.' I was like, 'There must be somebody in this hotel with some spare shoes. I saw Tess Daly's stylist walking in. Call Vernon [Kay, her husband].' So we called Vernon and Tess said no she hasn't got any but she's sure Rochelle is in my hotel.

"We didn't have Rochelle's number so we rung Marvin [Humes, her husband] and Marvin went, 'Rochelle, darling, babe, I know you're pregnant but have you got any spare shoes?' And she did. But they weren't the right size. And I was like anything that's between a size 4 and 8 I'm happy with right now because I'm going down with Gazelles trainers, which is not a good look."

The blonde beauty and her co-star Phillip Schofield hit the headlines last year after they rocked up to work the next day still drunk from the night before and, although they promised they wouldn't get in that state again, they did suggest they'd get matching tattoos.

Rylan Clark-Neal said: "You did say you wanted to get a tattoo. You said, 'I might have a little star for 'This Morning' and I'll put it here or maybe here.'

"So we do have a tattoo artist downstairs. He's ready and waiting if either of you want to get the tattoo seeing as you did promise the nation."

But the popular presenting duo declined the offer because "the moment has past."

Phillip added: "Apparently the team did phone up one tattoo artist up last night who said 'Yeah I've had a bit of wine but if you get me a cab, I can come in.' "

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