Piers Morgan gagged and booed at the National Television Awards

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  • 26 January 2017
The 'GMB' team

The 'Good Morning Britain' team at the NTAs

Outspoken TV host Piers Morgan was gagged and booed as he presented an award at the O2 Arena in London

Piers Morgan was gagged and booed as he presented an award at the National Television Awards on Wednesday night (25.01.17).

The 51-year-old TV star was greeted with hisses as he walked on stage with his 'Good Morning Britain' co-host Susanna Reid, who had covered Piers' mouth with black tape after his remarks about the recent Women's Marches led actor Ewan McGregor to cancel a scheduled appearance on the breakfast programme.

The 46-year-old beauty said: "It's been a controversial week on 'Good Morning Britain'. We've had tears, we've had tantrums - we've even had a walkout.

"So I've done what people have been urging me to do for some time ... I've finally gagged Piers Morgan. Just enjoying this moment."

But speaking on the red carpet at the O2 Arena in London, Piers said that Ewan, 45, should "have it out" with him rather than simply refusing to appear on the programme.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We're in a bizarre world where things happen and social media goes nuts.

"But, look, I like to debate things with people.

"I have an opinion and people are of course entitled to theirs, but if they don't like what I've got to say then let's have a debate about it.

"His behaviour was odd. We weren't even gonna mention the Women's March. Come on have it out with me, I say - be a man, Ewan!"

Piers stirred controversy with an article he wrote earlier this week in which he said he was "planning a men's march to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists".

Those remarks prompted Ewan to reject a planned appearance on 'Good Morning Britain' after he learned Piers was set to interview him about his new movie 'T2 Trainspotting'.

Piers confirmed: "Ewan McGregor was meant to be the main guest on today's show, but he has decided not to turn up."

But the actor was quick to hit back via social media, writing on Twitter: "Was going on Good Morning Britain, didn't realise @piersmorgan was host. Won't go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch (sic)"

Piers responded: "A real man would have come on and debated it with me, not run away like a coward."


1. Chris Rotter26 Jan 2017, 11:22am Report

I hate Piers Morgan, he's rubbish at everything he does, he is talentless. He gets carried on This Morning by others, why do they employ him??? I don't watch the show any more since he has been on it, he makes me cringe. I mean, he knows no-one likes him and it's not because he's outspoken it's because it's him - he's a horrible man.

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