Andrew Garfield shocked by Silence's Oscar snub

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 January 2017
Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is confused why his movie 'Silence' was snubbed at the Oscars but believes the film - which was directed by Martin Scorsese - "will last beyond" the awards season

Andrew Garfield is shocked 'Silence' was snubbed at the Oscars.

The drama film - which stars Garfield as one of two priests who travel to Japan in search of their mentor - only received one nod for Best Cinematography when the 89th Academy Award nominations were revealed on Tuesday (24.01.17) but Garfield believes the film "will last beyond" the awards season.

He said: "Silence is a masterpiece that Scorsese made. I think it's a film that will last time beyond this awards season. Scorsese is the high priest of cinema and he's made something that's transcended conversations ... he's telling a story that is so deeply profound and so thought-provoking and heart-provoking, that it stays with you long after.

"Obviously, would I want his work and the actors' work to be recognised? Yes. But I'm so proud of the film - I'm equally proud about that as 'Hacksaw Ridge'. I know it'll be a film people will come back to over and over again - the work it does to the audience is very deep and transformative."

And the 33-year-old actor - who received a nomination in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category for his performance in 'Hacksaw Ridge' - was "overwhelmed" to work with the film's director Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese, who was at the helm of 'Silence', in such quick succession.

He added to "You can't quite compute it - I still don't understand it. I'm really grateful that I had those experiences back to back.

"They are filmmakers who are so confident and genius in what they do and it makes me - it makes everyone around them - better, it brings up everyone's game. That's all you want is to work with fantastic filmmakers to tell stories that feel urgent and important in the times you're in."