Nick Knowles saved wife's life

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  • 25 January 2017
Jessica Moor and Nick Knowles

Jessica Moor and Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles' estranged wife Jessica Moor thinks she owes her life to the 'DIY SOS' host

Nick Knowles saved his estranged wife's life.

The 'DIY SOS' host may have split from his spouse Jessica Moor earlier this month following three years of on/off marriage but she still has nothing but praise for him because she is convinced he's the reason she's still alive today after he pushed her to see a doctor when she was struck down with symptoms of cervical cancer.

Explaining her initial diagnosis, Jessica told Woman magazine: "I revealed my symptoms, he seemed anxious.'You should go to the doctor,' he said. At first I batted away his concern. Surely he was just being overprotective. After a few weeks, he was insistent I went. Perhaps it was best to get checked out - just in case."

Jessica, 29, was later told she has stage one cervical cancer and it had spread to her pelvic lymph nodes, which meant she needed to start treatment straight away.

The blonde beauty now feels "healthy and happy" after undergoing surgery and treatment last year and feels lucky to have Nick, with whom she has two-year-old son Eddie, in her life despite no longer being in a romantic relationship with him.

She said recently: "I literally haven't thought about dating. I'm happy to just be in a stable, calm place. I can't imagine what it'd be like if we were at each other's throats. He's very attractive and I care about him lots. We are really supportive of each other."

Nick and Jessica originally split in January 2016 following four years of marriage but grew close again after Jessica found out she had cervical cancer.

And the couple faced more drama when Nick came under fire for dumping actress Gemma Oaten while they were in bed together to get back together with Jessica.

Taking to his Twitter account after Gemma lashed out at him in a newspaper interview, he said: "Life is not about what happens to you, it's about how you deal with it. This year we faced a miscarriage, the breakdown of our marriage and cancer without being disrespectful about each other at any point. We are saddened for each other and for the sake of our young son that this is being played out so publicly.

"The story is something that happened (in the space of less than one

week) during a turbulent, traumatic time and more to the point - whilst we were separated. It is unfortunate we are having to relive it purely so someone can financially gain from exploiting our private life.

"With everything that's happened this year, even discussing this seems very trivial in comparison to what we have dealt with and are still dealing with. As always, our answer is united, as we are. We have enjoyed eight years as best friends and nothing will change that. (sic)"

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