Robert Carlyle interested in a Full Monty sequel

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  • 24 January 2017
Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle has admitted he could be persuaded to reprise his role as stripper Gary 'Gaz' Schofield in 'The Full Monty'

Robert Carlyle wants to make a sequel to 'The Full Monty'.

The 55-year-old actor famously took his clothes on the big screen back in 1997 when he played the role of ex-steelworker Gary 'Gaz' Schofield, who created a troupe of male strippers with other unemployed men living in Sheffield, England.

Carlyle has just reprised his iconic role as Francis 'Franco' Begbie in 'T2 Trainspotting', the sequel to cult classic 1996 film 'Trainspotting' which is set 20 years later, and returning to that part has made him think about another 'Full Monty' film.

Speaking on ITV show 'Lorraine' about the chances of a 'Fully Monty 2', Carlyle said: "No one wants to see me take my clothes off anymore, no, it's not going to happen!"

But when host Lorraine Kelly disagreed, Carlyle showed signs that he could be persuaded to get on board.

He added: "It might be interesting to see where these guys are 20 years down the line and that's one of the most interesting things for 'T2', is you're seeing all these well-loved characters and seeing what's happened in their lifetime, so maybe, who knows."

Carlyle is not one to shy away from taking his roles seriously - he revealed he had his teeth removed to add grit to his 'Trainspotting' reprisal.

He explained: "I had a temporary crown on my bottom set of teeth and it had been there for a time because I needed a few months to get that replaced and healing so with filming commitments I didn't really get time to do that - it might have been sitting there for a bit - a year-and-a-half, so I thought this is the moment to do it, let's just take this out for Begbie, so I took that one out."

But his dental treatment didn't end there.

He continued: "The other tooth that had been lying beside it was weak so I thought, just take that one out as well. It gave a little bit of colour and detail ... (I thought) he's probably lost that in the prison somewhere."

Carlyle also revealed he is still dividing his time between Canada and the UK to meet his filming commitments for his ongoing ABC show 'Once Upon A Time'

He added: "Yeah I'm still doing 'Once Upon A Time'. Rumpelstiltskin is my alter ego. It's been a fantastic show for me, we are in our sixth season now. Again I didn't think it was going to last but of course it's still going on."

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