Stacy Francis wants to get into bed with Calum Best

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  • 24 January 2017
Stacy Francis

Stacy Francis

'Celebrity Big Brother' star Stacy Francis has revealed she wants to "crawl in bed" with Calum Best

Stacy Francis wants to "crawl in bed" with Calum Best.

The 47-year-old singer - who shot to fame on the US version of 'The X Factor' in 2011 - admitted she would love to kiss Calum after the duo engaged in flirtatious banter, but has insisted she would not have sex with him on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Speaking to her fellow housemates Bianca Gascoigne, Nicola McLean and Jamie O'Hara, Stacy said: "I love when he goes there with me and we just play. It's fun, it's innocent.

"I wouldn't have sex on TV but I would definitely kiss.

"[I would go] right to the edge. I would crawl in bed with him and just kiss. Calum Best, you're the best! But I wouldn't, like, do the do, because I have kids. I can't be on national television doing that! But if he was ready to do a little something, I'd be like, 'Come on boo!'"

However, Stacy conceded she is probably not the type of woman Calum, 35, would normally be attracted to.

She explained: "I'm just being honest. I'm not playing the victim, I don't think I'm his type. I think I'm a little too chubby, a little too old, I have all these considerations.

"Outside of here, I wouldn't see myself as his type. That's all. And that's okay. I'm secure enough in who I am to accept myself, that doesn't bother me."

Meanwhile, Stacy became embroiled in a heated row with Kim Woodburn after she whipped her clean clothes out of the washing machine and scattered them across the laundry room because she wanted to use the appliance.

In a lengthy rant, Stacy shouted: "You put my stuff on the floor! That's not disrespectful? I would never do that to anybody in this house. Why would you put it on the floor?

"You can't come take somebody's s**t out of the washing machine, put it on the floor and put your stuff in and make yourself right about it. And then get mad at me if I'm around the house screaming about it, because I have a right to."

However, Kim claimed she had no idea the star's clothes were clean and said there was nowhere else to put her washing.

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