Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon engaged?

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  • 22 January 2017
Hannah Tointon and Joe Thomas

Hannah Tointon and Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon have reportedly got engaged after seven years together

Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon are reportedly engaged.

The couple - who played lovers Simon and Tara on comedy series 'The Inbetweeners' - are said to have decided to tie the knot after seven years together, reports.

Meanwhile, Joe previously admitted he is "always trying to impress" his girlfriend.

He confessed: "I always try to impress my girlfriend Hannah by any means I can and I'm very protective about her. I think I am romantic. I've tended to have some serious, long-time monogamous relationships.

"Well they've been monogamous - I'm such a romantic. I'd only ever have sex with one girlfriend at a time ... I've never had cojones to be a player, and I don't know any men who do. Some imply these lots of girls, and never see them again after one night, but I don't know that's actually true."

And Joe, 33, also believes a sense of humour is really important in any relationship.

He added: "A sense of humour is pretty much favorite quality in any person. There's lot of embarrassment involved in a relationship and, if you've got a chance of humour, you can sit around those bits.

"It becomes a way of making somebody feel comfortable. You have to accept. If you are a man, you're bit of a fool, and a sense of humour is a way of taking responsibility for your own awkwardness and patheticness."

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