Gavin Rossdale: 'I didn't know much about The Voice'

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  • 22 January 2017
Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale says he didn't know much about 'The Voice' before joining the show, even though his ex-wife was a mentor on the US version

Gavin Rossdale didn't know much about 'The Voice' before joining the show.

The Bush frontman is a mentor on the UK version of the programme and although his ex-wife Gwen Stefani was a judge on the US show, he admitted his knowledge of 'The Voice' was lacking.

He told Fabulous magazine: "I used to watch the bits of Gwen [on the US version] and then fast-forward. I helped mentor Gwen's team [in 2014] and didn't realise how emotionally invested you get with the contestants. That's what made my decision, along with the obvious exposure and opportunities that would come with it.

"I'm grateful for my rebirth and, for most people, my introduction. I'm a realist and know that I've been reduced to three sentences: being in America, ex-husband of Gwen and seen with his kids a lot."

However, it didn't take Gavin long to adapt and he is confident about the quality of his contestants.

He said: "I'm really competitive and like a challenge. I have [found] a superstar and five other people who are all really close."

And he has bonded with his fellow judges, including, Jennifer Hudson and especially Sir Tom Jones.

He said: "I've bonded with Tom so much. It feels very paternal, and he respects the fact that I'm a professional."

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