Danny Cipriani was £10m for TV show

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 January 2017
Danny Cipriani

Danny Cipriani

Danny Cipriani has admitted he'd only go on television if he was offered £10 million in cash."

Danny Cipriani wants "£10 million in cash" before he'll consider doing reality TV.

The 29-year-old rugby player may be used to his personal life being played out in the headlines but he's adamant he won't take part in a personal show unless the price is right.

Asked if he'd ever do reality TV, the hunk exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'd have to have £10 million in cash to do that. I want it all before I start - Unless that happens then I am never going to do it. It's not even about wanting money, I am just joking about. I think all of the shows are great and I enjoy watching all of them. I just personally wouldn't go on them."

The hunky sportsman was previously asked to take part in the Australian version of 'Strictly Come Dancing' while he was playing for Melbourne Rebels in 2011 but he turned it down because he's not really keen on flaunting his muscles in skin-tight ensembles.

Asked if he's been asked to do reality TV before, he said: "No. I was asked when I was in Australia. I was asked to do 'Strictly Come Dancing' in Australia. I am just not really down for that stuff. It's all good and well but it's just not for me. I couldn't be a better dancer to be honest. Once again 10 million in cash and then talk to me. BBC is amazing and it definitely has its place, but 10 million in cash and then we will talk. Yeah the sequins, you've put it up to 12 million in cash. The price keeps going up then."

However, Danny doesn't draw the line at all TV as he's open to doing something related to rugby but would rather focus on coaching in the sport before he speaks to executives.

He said: "Honestly, for me there are things that I want to achieve in life that don't really involve going on TV like that. I wanna do more sport and being involved in sport and trying to be positive and help in what ways I can. I can safely say it is not something I would do."

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