Red Well and Player Piano, The (4 stars)

The Red Well and Player Piano

The 13th Note, Glasgow, Sun 3 Dec


The last time The List caught Player Piano, American main man Jeremy Radway was tinkling the ivories in a threesome. This time round he’s playing crunchy guitar with just a drummer for company. However he dresses his tunes, Radway’s innate pop sensibilities and deadpan showmanship make for hugely entertaining viewing, like Eels or Ben Folds, only with better tunes. And with a debut single coming in the New Year on Analogue Catalogue you suspect great things await.

Edinburgh foursome The Red Well create a beefier but equally accessible sound, expertly mixing the rangy guitar antics of Sebadoh or Dinosaur Jr with a melancholic pop heart and just a splash of Scottish folk. Frontman James Abel and cohorts swagger through a frisky set as if they know they’re onto a winner, and rightly so, cos with material as strong as the dynamic Pavement-esque stomper ‘Put in a Good Word for Me’, 2007 looks bright for them too.

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