Ray J to sue Celebrity Big Brother

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  • 21 January 2017
Ray J

Ray J

Ray J is set to sue 'CBB' after claiming he was unfairly forced to leave the show

Ray J is suing 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 36-year-old singer left the house earlier this month in order to seek medical assistance for an infected tooth and his manager David Weintraub claims show bosses refused to let him back in.

He told MailOnline: "We are deciding to sue because they are taking a position that is breaching the contract we agreed to.

"They are saying due to health issues, which don't exist with Ray, that's the reason they pulled the plug, which is utter nonsense. He's been evaluated by his own doctors and dental team and he's ok to work.

"These guys used Ray to launch the show, to get it started, to make it sound like it would be a big noise.

"He had a cavity that was causing him severe pain, that needed medical attention. Once it was done, he was cleared to work. Why is he being treated differently to other people who have left the show with medical conditions?"

He also fumed that the show was a "sham" and footage was unfairly edited.

He explained: "This is not a reality show. It's a sham that's orchestrated by the producers.

"We have six shows we are part of (in the US) as stars or executive producers, and we have never seen this level of malice or neglect. The CBB producers show a part of the show that's their interpretation."

A spokesman for Celebrity Big Brother said: "We always follow strict medical protocols relying on the advice of experts with regard to the health of housemates."

Ray J's CBB fee was reportedly a record £800,000 and it was recently claimed that he will get paid, despite leaving the show early.

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