Kristen Stewart needs career challenges

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  • 21 January 2017
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart likes to challenge herself in her work and only takes on projects that "scare" her

Kristen Stewart only takes on roles that "scare" her.

The 'Personal Shopper' actress always strives to "lose control" in her movies and always looks for fresh experiences, instead of doing the same thing over and over again.

Asked if she sought to do something different in supernatural saga 'Personal Shopper' - in which she plays a celebrity PA who is also a medium - she said: "That's always the goal on any movie I've worked on.

"This experience just provided the necessary extremes that coincidentally allowed me to fall harder than I ever have.

"That's always the goal.

"Within very set up parameters, I want to lose as much control as possible.

"I genuinely don't feel like you shouldn't be doing anything unless it scares you a little big.

"I don't want to go over territory I've covered before. I want to always keep that exploration curious."

One role that the 26-year-old star did return to was that of Bella Swan, who she played in four 'Twilight' movies.

But Kristen admits she would have "gone crazy" if she hadn't been making other film in between breaks from the franchise.

She said: "I love looking back on it. I'm lucky I could do movies in between, or else I would have gone crazy.

"I would've lost my mind playing the same character that long. But I loved it - I loved thinking about it."

Despite the huge success of the 'Twilight' movies, Kristen - who starred opposite her former boyfriend Robert Pattinson in the series - admitted no one involved in the vampire saga expected them to be as huge as they were.

She told Total Film: "We were aware of the cultish nature of the fans, but we thought they were pretty exclusive.

"We thought it would be a rather small, devoted fanbase and it would be a cult movie.

"All of the effects stuff, it didn't seem like that would be a big deal. We did one day of green screen."

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