Company of Wolves explore The End of Things

Company of Wolves: The End of Things

More visual theatre that doesn't always offer a conclusion

Company of Wolves, under the joint artistic direction of Anna Porubcansky and Ewan Downie, have developed a distinctive voice within Scottish theatre, bringing the influence of Polish physical theatre to work that is unafraid to grapple with large themes. After the two-hander A Brief History of Evil, an expanded cast now reflects on The End of Things.

Downie explains that, within their abstract, lyrical style, the company wanted to examine 'the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves – and how they can be born and die'. Wryly commenting that the show is more about the nature of endings – a very human conception – the show is less apocalyptic than the title suggests. 'We aim for our work to be a space to dream, both for ourselves and for the audience, and that means not closing down interpretations, not making shows where there's a 'right answer' to what's going on.'

Porubcansky recognises that her soundscape adds to the abstraction, evoking 'the sounds of dreams, of space, unconscious sound, deceiving sound – the unheard music that lives in the space between people'. Far from being a diatribe on the horrors of finality, The End of Things asks questions about how humans mark the passage of time through stories.

'Things only end from our perspective, from the perspective of the universe, matter forms and reforms, things change, but nothing ends,' Downie adds. 'We also wanted to look at how these stories, these dreams of how the world is, can themselves die, or break, or fail.'

Manipulate, Tue 31 Jan, then touring.

The End of Things tour dates:
Tue 31 Jan – Manipulate Festival, Edinburgh
Thu 2 Feb – Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock
Tue 7 & Wed 8 Feb – CCA, Glasgow
Fri 10 Feb – Galeri Caernarfon, Wales
Fri 24 Feb – University of Highlands & Islands, Inverness
Wed 1 Mar – Universal Hall, Findhorn
Fri 3 Mar – Barn, Banchory
Thu 9 Mar – Gaiety, Ayr
Sat 18 Mar – Cumbernauld Theatre

The End of Things

Company of Wolves' fourth original performance is a journey to the heart of letting go.

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