Emma Willis prefers working to being at home

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  • 20 January 2017
Matt and Emma Willis

Matt and Emma Willis

Emma Willis has admitted she finds it easier going to work than being at home because being a mother is "24/7 work"

Emma Willis prefers to go to work than being at home with her children.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' host would much rather be in the studio presenting for her various shows than be with five-year-old son Ace, seven-year-old daughter Isabelle and eight-month-old daughter Trixie Grace because she has a more complex routine when she is with her kids, who she has with her husband Matt Willis.

Speaking about going back to work six weeks after having Ace and Isabelle - who are two years apart - she told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: "It was only one day a week, and you know what? I enjoyed that one day a week. It was one day a week for me, one day a week when I didn't have to think about milk, nappies or poo.

"And to have that time to think as a grown-up is really healthy.

"Also, it's just easier going to work - and I don't mean easier being away from my kids - but it's more simple day than being at home. Because home is work 24/7 non-stop."

The 40-year-old star says that her rocker spouse Matt - who is in the band Busted - always finds time to have a nap while parenting, which she could never do.

She confessed: "It's so different for men. They somehow find lots of lunch and dinner breaks and they nap. And you say: 'What do you mean, you napped when she napped? I never napped. I don't even nap at night."

Matt recently admitted that being in a touring rock band is the best job in the world, but being away from his three little ones is the hardest part.

He confessed to BANG Showbiz: "It's the only downside of being in a band. Being in a band is so f***ing awesome. I'd prefer to be in a band than do anything else."

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