James Jordan's heated rows with Calum Best

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  • 19 January 2017
James Jordan

James Jordan

James Jordan has revealed he locked horns with Calum Best on numerous occasions in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house - but the explosive scenes were never aired

James Jordan clashed with Calum Best numerous times over his mother Angie Best while they were locked up in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house together.

The former 'Strictly come Dancing' professional - who was given the boot from the reality TV show earlier this week - has revealed he locked horns with the 35-year-old actor while trapped inside the infamous abode but the scenes never got aired.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (19.01.17), he said: "I know there was three occasions where me and him and quite big arguments, and none of them were aired.

"I think there's another side to him. I believe there's another side to him. First one was over his mum [Angie] when she had to turn the egg-timers late at night - and he flipped at me about that. I said 'it's not me that's done that, it's 'Big Brother' who's told her she had to do that' and we had a massive argument about it.

"When Coleen [Nolan] said to him, 'Oh you'd be my one night stand but I'd want to marry Jamie.' Because he was in a bad place at that time - she said 'you're the kind of person I'd want to marry' , because Jamie was upset about something. But then he [Calum] acted like a little baby and was getting all upset about it. And I was like 'I'd find it a compliment! I'll be your one night stand!' You know what I mean? So I find him very sensitive and he wants to be this cool dude but I just think...yeah. I mean he's got gentlemen written across his knuckles - and I think that's just to remind himself maybe."

And it wasn't just Calum who was on the receiving end of James' acid tongue as he also got embroiled in a war of words with Kim Woodburn on more than one occasion.

He said of the professional cleaner: "I think it's the way you deliver something. You can have an opinion, you can be opinionated...but she just attacks people for no reason. And then she has all these low blows. As you get older you should be more chilled out because you know more about life. She just seems angry all the time."

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