69 Shades of Gay – 'I wanted to say something really sex-positive about gay life'

69 Shades of Gay – 'I wanted to say something really sex-positive about gay life'

Stuart Thomas in San Francisco

Writer Stuart Thomas discusses his latest saucy comic creation

To any comedy-loving theatre goer from around Glasgow, playwright Stuart Thomas needs no introduction. His wildly successful Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga shows, starring River City's Leah McRae, have a huge and loyal legion of fans.

Now, his cheeky take on gay culture, 69 Shades of Gay! sees another much-loved star of the popular soap, the versatile Gary Lamont, playing Thomas' out and proud Aiden. The suggestive title actually alludes to the number of relationships Aiden has had. As Thomas explains, 'It's the most autobiographical thing I have ever written, although I heavily raided the lives of my friends, both straight and gay. I wanted to say something really positive, and sex-positive, about gay life'.

Following Aiden's trip down memory lane, as he attempts to delete social media evidence of his past lovers, it presents a funny, yet bracing, study of modern life and sexual desire.

Thomas believes comedy is an ideal format for dealing with the complexities of human nature, particularly in matters of sexuality. He adds, 'For me, comedy lies in that sweet spot where people are laughing because it's funny, but also because they feel something too, something universal'. In short, something from the heart, not just the groin.

Oran Mor, Byres Road 8–11 Feb.

69 Shades of Gay

Raunchy new comedy from award-winning writer Stuart Thomas and starring Gary Lamont.

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