Scottish Dance Theatre's latest, TuTuMucky, experiments with classical music and hip hop

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Choreographer Botis Seva talks about his new piece for Scottish Dance Theatre

If you're going to take a big bite out of the dance world, it's important to cut your teeth in the right place. London-based dancer and choreographer Botis Seva now runs his own company (the aptly named Far From The Norm) but began his career with Tony Adigun's superb hip hop company, Avant Garde Dance.

'Working with Tony I learnt to be bold with my artistic choices and creative statements,' says Seva, 'and to take risks to create whatever inspires me as an artist. It gave me the tools to harness the understanding of my body and the connection with music.'

Invited to create a new work with Scottish Dance Theatre, to sit alongside Anton Lachky's fast-paced and witty Dreamers on the company's spring tour, Seva began to 'reflect on society and the regimented daily life people have become consumed to lead'. The result is TuTuMucky, a piece which experiments with classical music and the hip hop genre, while exploring the way we're shaped by the world around us.

'My aim was to find beauty in simplicity and not be infected by the chaos,' says Seva. 'We are constantly bombarded by so many messages, both subliminally and overtly, on how we should create work or live our lives.

'So we need to find ourselves within this chaos, and once we've found that, there is peace and individuality. I want to disrupt and deconstruct everything we've been told as dancers and makers, and inspire other creatives to find their own pathways.'

Dundee Rep, Fri 10 & Sat 11 Feb; Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 3–Sat 4 Mar.

Scottish Dance Theatre: Dreamers / TutuMucky

Double-bill from Scottish Dance Theatre pairing Dreamers, by critically acclaimed choreographer Anton Lachky, with a new work by Botis Seva.

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