Run the Jewels' music inspired by d**k jokes

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  • 19 January 2017
Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels: Cover by Matt Salacuse/NME

Run the Jewels have a light-hearted approach to their music and have admitted that quite often they will be inspired to write songs after sharing explicit jokes with one and other

Run the Jewels have admitted they get lyric inspiration from d*** jokes.

The popular hip-hop supergroup - comprised of Killer Mike and EI-P - often find the themes for their songs after sharing crude jokes with one and other.

Producer El-P, 41 - whose real name is Jaime Meline - told NME magazine: "I'm not doing my job unless I can look over at Mike and he literally shakes his head in his hands and says, 'What the f*** did you just say?'"

Mike added: "When you're sitting at a table and you hear a guy say, 'I've got a unicorn horn for a c***', to me that's when you walk out of the room like, 'yo, I got to step it up!' "The imagination it takes to come up with something like that! I still think of the moment he said that and chuckle."

Mike, also 41, says being open to nonsense is what makes their records represent the "full human experience".

He explained: "I've seen people question, 'How can you guys be funny, not-give-a-s***, braggedy-brag rap, and then a few [songs] behind that have thoughts, concerns and social commentary?' It amazes me, because I'm like, I thought that was the full human experience! If you hang out with your friends through the course of a day, you guys are going to laugh, talk s***, get drunk, remember some s*** you didn't like, fight, make up, talk about how f***ed up politics is, get high ... To me, our records are about the full human experience."

Meanwhile, the American rappers have shared their opinion on Donald Trump taking over as President of the United States.

EI-P admits that while it is "deadly and dangerous", he is also "morbidly amused" that the Republican will be in power at The White House.

He said: "As a guy who grew up on dystopian science fiction you can't help but be morbidly amused. It's scary but hilarious, in a f***ed-up way. It's the folly of man. It's also incredibly dangerous and deadly. The stakes themselves make the gallows humour that much more potent. But that's me. If I had an executioner's gun to the back of my head and he farted, I'd laugh."

Mike added: "I've watched every inauguration since Reagan. But this is the first time the President is gonna be sitting there tweeting: 'I told y'all, fools.'"

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