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The Dispatch

Roddy Woomble gets caught up in the Christmas rush.

It’s a wonder this Dispatch made it at all; I thought I’d missed it. Not a very rock star confession I know, worrying about missing your column deadline, but there you go. I’ve been away on tour with Idlewild. Not a long tour - our days of those are over - but enough to make five 30-year-olds feel suitably exhausted. One thing that continually surprised me is how young most of our fans still seem to be. Looking out over the crowd is like some sort of human geology. The first row is made up of 16-year-olds, the second row 20-year-olds, right to the back where 40-year-old couples cuddle and reminisce about favourite gigs in the 80s. It’s a nice feeling, though, all being in the room together. Like some sort of family wedding, or Christmas party.

I love Christmas, and I think I’ve said this before, but no other time of year makes me feel quite the same way. Not so much the presents and shopping (although its always a nice feeling to buy something for someone knowing that they’ll love it). But just the sense of occasion, and the way it unites families, however dysfunctional, in it’s own peculiar way.

Christmas time round at the Woombles, is quite a sight, not only for my father’s insistence on total kitchen supremacy, and all the stress that entails, given that the family home is a tiny cottage beside the sea. This year there’s eight of us staying; last year I ended up sleeping in the walk-in cupboard (not due to red wine, more lack of space). This year I’ve already bagsied the living room floor. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Roddy plays Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Wed 24 Jan and Idlewild play ABC, Glasgow, Tue 23 Jan, both as part of Celtic Connections.

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