Peter Davidson: Gemma Collins made Sugar Free Farm a reality show

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  • 17 January 2017
Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson has accused Gemma Collins of using 'Sugar Free Farm' for self-promotion

Peter Davidson thinks Gemma Collins ruined 'Sugar Free Farm' and turned it into a trashy reality TV show.

The 65-year-old actor took part in the latest series of the ITV weight loss programme with the 'Only Way is Essex' star in order to beat the bulge and ditch the calorific treats once and for all but he thinks her dramatic antics tarnished the objective of the show and she only signed up for "self publicity" purposes.

He said of the curvaceous babe: "I just thought it was an exercise in self publicity and self-promotion. It spoiled it, I got that she had an agenda - it turned it into a reality show."

But despite being unimpressed with his fellow competitor, the former 'Doctor Who' star thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the series and was pleased with how weight he lost from banishing sugar.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning' on Tuesday (17.01.17), he said: "You have a yearning for it straight away, like withdrawal symptoms. I can taste the sugar in everything now, in things you wouldn't know!"

Meanwhile, Gemma, 35 - who decided to participate on the show, after being inspired by her former lover James 'Arg' Argent who participated on the show in 2016 - previously revealed the experience almost made her have a "breakdown" when she realised how hard the process was.

She said: "I nearly had a breakdown and I asked them to call my agent, but I swiftly realised I'd better keep my mouth shut and get on with it. I thought farm life was going to be full of Dallas Cowboys. When I realised the men were toothless and weathered because they're outside all day long, my love affair with becoming a farmer's wife swiftly ended. Before, I was addicted to energy drinks and diet cola, and I'd just grab food on the go, so I went in with an open mind. At first I thought we were eating so much food there was no way I'd lose weight, but I ended up dropping 11lb."

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