Visual art review: Colour & Light (3 stars)

Visual art review: Colour & Light

Dovecot showcases a selection of works made in its Tapestry Studio

A collection of tapestries and woven pieces created at the Dovecot Tapestry Studio by significant names who have exhibited at the gallery, this show in the smaller of the building's spaces is undoubtedly partly a promotional overview of the Studio's work, and yet each plays with the exhibition themes described in its title in new and playful ways. Fashion designer Chris Clyne's extravagant, bright pink bird-of-paradise platform shoes, for example, certainly attract the eye and invites consideration as to just how practical they might be, while jeweller David Poston and weaver Jonathan Cleaver's ornamental constructs of coloured cotton pulled over wire bear a tactile luminosity, even just as photographic representations of the actual work.

Elsewhere, the photographic work of Garry Fabian Miller, all bold, bleeding, indistinct blocks of colour which play on the imagination, have been turned into tapestry and a rug by Cleaver, while a woollen hanging piece drawn from a Nicholas Party landscape extends the idea of a floral motif by showing what appears to be an undersea landscape or a bright series of cacti in a desert environment. A trio of pieces created in collaboration with Eduardo Paolozzi for a series of blinds at Cleish Castle in the 1970s are perhaps the essential feature of the show, and while explanatory displays of the Studio's work feel a little like padding, the selection of pieces on display here is small but well-formed.

Colour & Light is at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, until Sat 25 Feb.

Colour and Light

A look at the importance of colour and light in textile work.

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