Tyger Drew-Honey: Outnumbered won't get another series

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 January 2017
Tyger Drew Honey

Tyger Drew-Honey

Tyger Drew-Honey wants to focus on his acting career in the US because he doesn't think 'Outnumbered' will return for another full series, despite the festive special receiving rave reviews

Tyger Drew-Honey doesn't think 'Outnumbered' will get another series.

The 20-year-old actor thoroughly enjoyed reprising his role as Jake for the comedy's festive special last month and, although the episode got rave reviews, he doesn't think there will be an opportunity for the programme to return to screens permanently.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: "When we did the press for the Christmas special one of the writers and directors Andy Hamilton did say it's something they'd like to pop into every year or so.

"I think the show still gets comedy, a lot of people think its lost its charm cause we're not as young anymore. I think another series is slightly unlikely but another special or two or three in the coming five years is probably very likely."

'Outnumbered' first hit screens in 2007 and ran for 38 episodes - five series - during which time it had three festive specials before it came to an end in March 2014.

Bosses then decided to bring the show back last year for a one-off Christmas special in order to give fans a glimpse of the cast - comprised also of Daniel Roche, Ramona Marquez, Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner - all grown up.

Although it doesn't look like the programme will get another installment any time soon, Tyger isn't too bothered as he wants to focus on his acting career in the US.

He explained: "I'm heading over to LA this year. I've got an American agent who's got some big stars on his books. He's got people like Taylor Lautner. If it goes well enough then there's a chance I might make it."

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