Joshua Ritchie claims he's father of Stephanie Davis' baby

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  • 17 January 2017
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Joshua Ritchie has claimed he could be the father of Stephanie Davis' baby because they slept together last year

'Love Island's Joshua Ritchie thinks he's the father of Stephanie Davis' newborn baby.

The 20-year-old joiner - who bedded the actress last May - is convinced the former 'Hollyoaks' star's son, who was born last weekend and is yet to be given a name, belongs to him and he is worried that the brunette beauty will rock up at his door any day now asking him for child maintenance.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he let slip: "I slept with Steph nearly a year ago. I'm worried - she could be turning up on my doorstep with the baby any time soon."

Despite his revelation, Stephanie is still adamant that her former boyfriend Jeremy McConnell - who she met while they were both competing on 'Celebrity Big Brother' last year - is the father of her baby.

And, although she's spent nine months claiming that the only person who could've possibly got her pregnant is Jeremy, the 26-year-old heavily-inked heartthrob is keen to arrange for a paternity test to be carried out "as soon as possible" so that he can know once and for all and get on with his life.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "He [Jeremy] is looking to arrange this [a paternity test] as soon as possible, but this is time dependent on Steph."

Stephanie went into labour on January 11 and after a draining 48-hour labour, the 23-year-old actress finally got to meet her little bundle of joy on Friday (20.01.17) ) at a Liverpool hospital.

Her representative said at the time: "We can confirm our client Stephanie Davis today gave birth to a baby boy in Liverpool. Mother and baby are doing fine."

Stephanie didn't have the easiest of pregnancies as she was struck down with acute morning sickness in the first and second trimester and then she experienced some bleeding, which she feared was a sign of her losing her baby, in the third trimester.

However, doctors quickly established that her baby was fine and she had colitis.

Stephanie then started experiencing Braxton Hicks - irregular practice contractions that can be felt around mid-pregnancy and increase in frequency and strength as the pregnancy progresses - and pressure at the bottom of her stomach last month.


1. Kayleigh Mac17 Jan 2017, 2:54pm Report

Well isn't he a dick then because she wouldn't of been due in January then would she if she slept with him may

2. Natalie Brookes13 Feb 2017, 10:30pm Report

Lol x due in Feb not Jan pmsl

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