Angie Best: Coleen Nolan's failing marriage is down to weight gain

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  • 16 January 2017
Angie Best

Angie Best

Angie Best has claimed Coleen Nolan's marriage has broken down because she's put on weight

Angie Best thinks Coleen Nolan's marriage has broken down because of her weight gain.

The 64-year-old former model - who recently shared the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house with the daytime chat show host before getting the boot last week - thinks the brunette star would be able to get her marriage to Ray Fensome back on track if she shed some pounds.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women' on Monday (16.01.17) the fitness guru explained: "Coleen is a very strong, independent woman. But at that age, you lose your mojo, your lose your confidence. I didn't know [then] about her marriage problems."

But Coleen's co-presenters were quick to defend their friend about the weight jibes and thinks her belly may have bulged because she's poured her attention into her failed relationship.

Lisa Riley - who has recently dropped 10 stone - said: "But maybe that's the last thing she wants to think about - she's having marriage problems, she doesn't want to think about training and weight loss. The last thing she wants to do is lose weight."

Angie replied: "But if she had taken that on board earlier, maybe she wouldn't have marital problems."

Outspoken Linda Robson added: I don't think the marital problems are to do with her weight."

To which Angie replied: "Well he said he didn't find her attractive anymore. She still needs to have her confidence back."

Angie previously clashed with Coleen earlier this month when she criticised her for her smoking habit, to which Coleen threatened to "smash her face in" if she continued with her harsh words, particularly when the death of her sister Bernie - who died from cancer - was brought up.

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