Holly Willoughby's cat pees on sofa

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  • 16 January 2017
Holly Willoughby (c) Instagram

Holly Willoughby (c) Instagram

Holly Willoughby has enlisted the help of a pet guru because her cat keeps urinating on the sofa

Holly Willoughby's new pussy keeps urinating on her sofa.

The 'This Morning' host has enlisted the help of a pet therapist because her Ragdoll kittens - Bluebell and Teddy - won't use their litter trays and pee over her fabric.

Speaking on the brunchtime show on Monday (16.01.17), she said: "He's got a problem. The kids were like, 'Mummy you're going to tell everyone that he pees on the sofa.' My cats are brother and sister, but he's a monster compared to her, they're the same age but he's so much bigger than her. She's great. Ted's fine. They're as good as gold, they're so social. I have never had cats who are so calm as kittens but he just, as soon as he can get up on that sofa, he's up there and pees everywhere."

The blonde beauty has done all she can to train her fluffy friends but doesn't know what more she can do as she's already scattered three litter trays around the house.

She explained: "I didn't have initially because someone said that when you have two cats, they don't necessarily like to poop in the same place. So I've got one that's got a cat flap on it, one that's open, another one that's like that so I've now got three. It's only pee, it's not poop. He's only done one poop outside of the litter tray."

But the 35-year-old presenter thinks the location of their food could be to blame.

She told the pet guru: "The other thing that might be an issue is where they're being fed at the moment. Roxy - our other cat - never had an issue. She had her litter tray and then she had her food and it was all in one corner."

Holly got the two kittens just a few months after her other cat Roxy passed away.

She said at the time: "We went to sleep and we left her and when we got up she had passed away in her sleep. There had been nothing wrong with her. It was a real shock for every body. She was a big part of the family, always been there for the kids."

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