Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards axed from The Jump for publicly raising safety concerns

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  • 16 January 2017
Eddie Edwards

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards has reportedly been axed from 'The Jump' after publicly raising health and safety concerns

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards has reportedly been axed from 'The Jump' after publicly raising health and safety concerns.

The 53-year-old former Olympic skier - who famously finished in last place in both the 70m and 90m ski jump events at the 1988 winter Olympics - had been a commentator on the celebrity winter sports show since its launch in 2014, but "sensitive" producers have reportedly given him the boot after he said he was "surprised" the programme was renewed for a fourth series.

Speaking about the Channel 4 show - which has seen celebrities face countless nasty injuries and has since been branded TV's most dangerous show - in October, Eddie said: "I kept on telling the producers, 'It's going to get very difficult, very hairy' and they said, 'No it's all right' and they've carried on and they've had so many accidents.

"I was very surprised they're going to have another series."

Producers of the programme believe it would be "hard" for Eddie to appear on the show again after his comments, as he would "have to explain them".

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Producers didn't like what he was saying about the show as it came in for a lot of stick.

"They are really sensitive because of the amount of people who have broken their legs or been seriously hurt.

"It would be hard for Eddie to appear on the show after his comments because he would have to explain them and there is a high chance someone else will get injured."

Viewers demanded the show be pulled off screens last year after Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle broke her back, swimmer Rebecca Adlington dislocated her shoulder and actress Tina Hobley fractured her arm while taking part in the competition last January.

However, show bosses insist there will be less risks this time as much of the show will be pre-recorded.

A source said: "The celebrities flew out yesterday and will be filming for at least a month before the show starts. The producers don't want to risk anything this year and pre-recording most stuff makes it a lot easier.

"There have been a few injuries on camera in the past - not just in training - so they want to avoid those situations. It also means the celebs won't take bigger risks as the adrenaline won't be pumping like it does on the live shows."

'The Jump' will return to Channel 4 on February 5.

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