Amanda Holden's social media worry

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  • 15 January 2017
Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden has admitted she is "dreading" the day her daughters - Alexa, 10, and Hollie, four - want to join social media

Amanda Holden is "dreading" the day her daughters want to join social media.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' star - who has Alexa, 10, and Hollie, four with her partner Chris Hughes - admits she is worried about her kids' phone usage and fears the day she wants to join Twitter or Facebook is fast approaching.

Writing in her column for Fabulous magazine, she shared: "Like any working mum, I'm always juggling my job with what's going on at home, and at the moment that includes limiting Lexi's time on her mobile phone. She'll be sitting the 11-plus soon so I have to be tougher than usual, especially when I see her tapping away to friends on WhatsApp.

"There's so much politics about who's in which chat groups, and it does concern me, as I know young girls can be upset over the slightest things. I'm dreading the day she wants to open a social media account. When it comes, I'll let her, because I don't want her to feel different from other girls her age, but I'll monitor it closely. It's not a milestone I'm looking forward to. Why can't they stay babies forever?"

And it is not the only big milestone the family have faced recently as Hollie started school in September just gone.

Amanda shared at the time: "It's a big week in the Holden-Hughes household, because my baby Hollie starts school on Tuesday. Where have the last four years gone? When Lexi started I was partly weepy and partly proud we'd reached that stage. Maybe because Hollie is my youngest and last child, I just feel super-emotional about this mummy milestone.

"I'm going to be that mother weeping at the school gates waving her off, with poor Chris handing me tissues. I needn't be worried, Hollie is more than ready for school. She rules the house, and is such a little diva - I can't think where she gets it from! She rang room service twice on holiday this year and ordered snacks for herself - four going on 24.

"I'm loving this stage of parenting. We never planned to have such a big gap between the girls, but they have a really cute dynamic. Lexi's the caring big sister, while Hollie's the comical drama queen."


1. 11PlusSwot16 Jan 2017, 9:19am Report

Good luck Alexa with the 11-Plus, if we can help with revision materials just let us know!

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