Claudia Winkleman has bad memory

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  • 13 January 2017
Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman has admitted she's terrible at retaining information

Claudia Winkleman has a really bad memory.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' presenter really struggles to retain any facts and has admitted she can't even recall who has taken part in the ballroom and latin show.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "I can't place anybody anymore. Did I go to school with them? Have I been on holiday with them? Have they been on 'Strictly Come Dancing'? I have no idea.

"When we leave 'Strictly Come Dancing' the lovely people say: 'Can you write down five names of people you would love to do the show?' I have never not written down five people who have already done it. Like: 'Alesha Dixon would be awesome.' "

The 44-year-old actress is regularly targeted when she presents the dancing show because of her bizarre outfit choices, dark make-up and tousled locks.

But she believes it was her mother Eve who created her distinctive style because she banned all mirrors from their house when she was growing up.

She said recently: "I was brought up by the strongest and most brilliant woman I've ever come across - my mum. She was strong and fantastic and taught me everything I needed to know in being female. 'We weren't allowed any mirrors in the house, which would explain how I do my make-up ... and the fact I look like I've slept in a skip.

"I was 15 going out saying, 'Mum, I need to know how I look, give me an idea!' She'd say, 'fine'; she wanted to teach us that appearance is a waste of time, it's not in the least bit important."

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