Angie Best told off about fitness lecture

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  • 13 January 2017
Angie Best

Angie Best

Angie Best has been asked to tone down her fitness lectures in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house following some complaints

Angie Best has been told to stop lecturing her housemates about fitness and healthy eating.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star - who has trained the likes of Cher and Sharon Stone over the years - has been preaching about the importance of good health while in the infamous abode but it seems her thoughtful gesture hasn't gone down too well with her fellow housemates as bosses have been forced to tell her to tone down her advice following a series of complaints.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Bosses have had to warn Angie to stop talking about her strict diets and health so much. With the women living in close proximity, it's a worry that Angie's strong views could trigger other housemates' past body insecurities."

The fitness guru locked horns with 'Loose Women' panellist Coleen Nolan earlier this week after she lashed out at her for smoking - particularly after her sister Bernie died from cancer.

Coleen hit back in a jokey manner: "I'm going to smash your face in in a moment. I mean I appreciate your concern but you're getting right on my t**s."

The 64-year-old former model also rubbed Ray J - who has since left the house - up the wrong way after she told him he had put weight on around his stomach since entering the abode.

Her outburst led to her son Calum Best - who is also taking part in the show - taking his mother to one side to tell her not to "go in on people like you would a client outside of here."

Nicola McLean - who has previously battled with anorexia and bulimia - also ran into the diary room to vent about how "p****d off" she was at Angie's constant fitness talk.

She moaned: "It's insensitive, self-absorbed, and if there was an alcoholic in here I wouldn't be telling them how great the wine tasted."

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