Michelle Williams works to support family

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  • 12 January 2017
Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Hollywood starlet Michelle Williams admits she works to provide a good life for her family - including her 11-year-old Matilda

Michelle Williams works to support her family.

The Hollywood starlet takes on easy movie roles that pay well to ensure her 11-year-old daughter Matilda, whom she has with her late ex-partner Heath Ledger, is well provided for but admits it's difficult to enjoy them if she "can do blindfolded."

She said: "I go to work because it's what I do to support my family it's the only thing I really know how to do. But it's really hard to get passionate if it seems like it's something you can do blindfolded."

And the 36-year-old actress - who rose to fame as Jen Lindley in cult teenage sitcom 'Dawson's Creek' - puts her work/life balance on the top of her list of priorities.

She said: "I have absolutely no pride about the size of the role. It 's just about the quality. There's a life-work balance I'm always trying to achieve, I have a real desire to work from home, stay home, have consistency, and grounding."

Michelle stars as Randi in Kenneth Lonergan directed movie 'Manchester By the Sea' opposite Casey Affleck and was delighted to take on the meaty role and was determined to do the character justice.

The emotional drama was filmed in Massachusetts and the star threw herself into the character and made residents of the town have breakfast with her and even purchased Randi's wardrobe in local shops because she didn't want to feel like a "phoney".

She added to Metro newspaper: "I met people, I stopped people on the street, I invited myself over to people's houses for breakfast. I don't like to feel like a phoney. I don't want to show up feeling like I'm half a person. I don't like to fake it."

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