Resident Evil 7: The Experience coming to London

Resident Evil 7: The Experience coming to London

How to get free tickets for this interactive horror event

With the release of hotly anticipated horror game Resident Evil 7 just weeks away, Capcom have announced a four-day interactive horror experience taking evil residence at a secret location in East London.

Resident Evil 7: The Experience offers brave souls the chance to take on the roles of journalists searching for fellow crew members who went missing in a dilapidated house occupied by the dysfunctional – by which we mean murderous, cannibalistic and insane – Baker family. During the 45 minute event, you and a friend will need to solve a selection of puzzles in the house in order to solve the mystery, while a group of actors will do their utmost to bring about your end through the power of terror.

The Experience is free on a strictly first-come basis. Prospective victims need to go to the Dray Walk Gallery at 91 Brick Lane at 11.30am (and no earlier) on any day from 20–23 Jan where you can hope to snag one of 28 pairs of tickets per day. Both members of your team must be present to collect your tickets and you'll be given a time slot between 1–9.50pm that day. It probably goes without saying but here goes anyway: adults only.

Resident Evil 7 (the game) is the latest entry in a series which has been terrifying players for over two decades since its first outing on the original PlayStation in 1996. Resident Evil 4 was, by some margin, the series highlight in 2005 and is often cited as one of the greatest games ever made. While the two most recent episodes have offered significantly diminishing returns, this new entry looks set to be a triumphant return to terrifying form thanks to a switch to first person perspective and a refocus on slow-burn horror, with game mechanics seemingly inspired by 2014's superb Alien: Isolation.

Resident Evil 7: The Experience is at Dray Walk Gallery from 20–23 Jan.

Resident Evil 7 (the game) is out on PC, Xbox One, PS4 (and PS VR) on 24 Jan.

Resident Evil 7: The Experience

Immersive horror experience based on the seventh entry in the long-running game series. Potential victims must queue up at 11.30am (no earlier) on their chosen day, and both people must be present to collect tickets. Booking is essential.

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