Perez Hilton to replace Ray J in CBB house?

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  • 11 January 2017
Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is willing to replace Ray J in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' providing the "price is right."

Perez Hilton wants to replace Ray J in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The 'One Wish' hitmaker - who famously starred in a leaked sex tape with his then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian West over a decade ago - was ejected from the infamous abode on Tuesday (10.01.17) after complaining of severe toothache and now the blogger is be willing to take his place if the "price is right."

Taking to his Twitter account after the news about Ray J had broke, Perez said in response to the question 'Fancy £1 Million @ThePerezHilton I mean... Ray J is out now. #CBB?': "@BigBrotherFocus I would, if the price is right. x (sic)"

Perez - who appeared on the show in 2015 and became the seventh contestant to be evicted - later clarified that no one from the show has been in "contact" yet.

The 38-year-old controversial journalist recently claimed that he was offered £250,000 to take part in the current All Stars and New Stars special but he turned down the lump sum because he wanted "a lot more than that."

Ray J was booted off the show after him and the rest of the housemates refused to do anymore tasks until his decayed tooth was seen by a dentist.

He said after his departure: "I have a bad tooth problem and I've been doing this show Big Brother for about seven and a half days.

"I've had this pain for three and a half days. It got to the point where some of the people in the house thought I was being ignored. We took petitions to say: 'Hey, we're not doing any more tasks until Ray J's tooth gets fixed.' "

The 35-year-old singer is now threatening to sue the show if they don't put him back into the house because he feels "well connected" to the British public.

Asked if he's planning to sue the programme, he said: "I never like to do that because I'm a producer as well and I like to be on the same page as everybody. This is just not fair and if I have to take those precautions, I will. I don't care about my tooth. Put me back into the house and let me work. This isn't right!"

However, producers have confirmed that Ray J won't be returning to the show.

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