Corey Taylor has written a song for Robbie Williams

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  • 11 January 2017
Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor

Robbie Williams fan, Corey Taylor, has written a song for the British pop star and doesn't care that he'll lose "cool points" from fans of his heavy metal band, Slipknot

Corey Taylor has written a song for Robbie Williams.

The 43-year-old Slipknot frontman thinks the 'I Love My Life' hitmaker is "f***ing amazing", and has revealed he has penned a track for his unlikely idol, although the heavy metal rocker admits he has probably "lost cool points" for admitting to liking the 42-year-old British singer.

He told Metal Hammer magazine: "I actually wrote a song for Robbie Williams. I love Robbie. He's f***ing amazing.

"He cracks me up. He's a great entertainer, he's an amazing singer. And I just love the energy that he's got.

"I know that I'll probably lose cool points with a few people for that, but I just f***ing love him. I think he's great."

Fans of the 'Wait and Bleed' hitmakers will no doubt be shocked by Corey's confession as he previously slammed modern pop music calling it "insulting to musicians".

The 'Killpop' singer said he felt annoyed that artists with "more talent" who get "less attention" are not getting the credit they deserve for their work, while pop musicians "let a computer do all the work for them" and has compared it to "listening to a f***ing piece of wood".

He said: "It's so auto-tuned, it's so beat-corrected, it's so canned and processed and lifeless... I mean, you might as well be listening to a f***ing piece of wood at that point.

"To watch these people basically let a computer go through the motions and do all the work for them, it's insulting to everyone out there who has more talent and less attention."

Corey said he feels so passionate about his music that he says he literally "bleeds and dies for it every night" and puts everything he has into being the best he can.

He added: "It bothers me, because I put so much into everything I do, I put so much into my music - I bleed for it and die for it every god damn night, you know?"

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