The Fratellis - Here We Stand (2 stars)

The Fratellis - Here We Stand



It’s easy to understand what The Fratellis are for – they are here to help us expel those more primal emotions and meaning we don’t have to take a hammer to the neighbours every time they leave the window open whilst playing Cher – but another album, when you’ve already got one perfectly good collection to bounce off the walls to, seems wholly unnecessary.

Like Stereophonics and Travis before them, The Fratellis are burdened under the weight of coming up with something so appealing that everything that follows will be an anti-climax. They could change of course, but that would be fiscally daft, so let’s just crank up the familiar glammy riffs, throw down a boisterous, anthemic chorus or five, and do a sort of madness-y stomp and sing along.

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