Amanda Mealing almost died under sand

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  • 8 January 2017
Amanda Mealing

Amanda Mealing

Amanda Mealing feared for her life after she almost died underground for a stunt in 'Casualty'

Amanda Mealing almost suffocated after she was buried alive for a stunt in 'Casualty'.

The 48-year-old actress thought she was going to die after her alter-ego Connie Beauchamp and her on-screen boyfriend Jacob Masters (Chucky Venn) got trapped when a building collapsed on them last year as part of a huge gripping storyline.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "I didn't really enjoy the episode where Connie and Jacob got buried in sand! We organised a system where I was holding on to a rope under the sand, and one of our crew would pull me out when I gave the signal. I held my breath for as long as I could but then the guy on the rope was so keen and so strong that he pulled the rope right out of my hand! All I could hear was people yelling, 'Get her out of the sand!' I really thought I was going to die because I'd run out of air."

Connie and Jacob eventually struck up a relationship after months of ignoring their love but their romance was recently thrown into jeopardy after the doctor's daughter Grace (Emily Carey) suffered brain damage following a nasty car accident late last year.

And Amanda has teased that things may go even more down hill for the pair this year.

Asked who she thinks out of Connie's love interests who suits her best, she explained: "Oh, Jacob! There's no question. And the fans seem to think so, too. He's an alpha male and she's an alpha female, so I do think they're the best couple. Although there may be trouble ahead for them..."

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